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Samsung CLP310 320 360 CLX Drum unit Rebuilding Instructions

How to remanufacture and reset Samsung OPC Photoconductor Drum Unit for CLP-310 CLP-315 CLP-320 CLP-325 CLP-360 CLP-365 CLX-3170 CLX-3175 CLX-3180 CLX-3185 CLX3305 CLX3300 XPRESS-460W CLT-R409 CLT-R407 CLT-T406

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to reset the drum without the thermal fuse put a small piece of copper across the terminals of the resistor. Close the door and plug the printer in. It will initialize, followed by a flash of lights,
It will reset itself as it is unable to "blow" the fuse.
At this point unplug power and take out the holder with the resistor again. Take the small copper wire off and put the holder back in. Close the door and let the printer startup.

CLT-R406, CLT-R407 and CLT-R409 drum units are different and not interchangeable, but the remanufacturing instructions are the same.

Things needed:
- Screwdriver
- Drum
- Resistor for use in Samsung drum unit

How to fix Samsung printer with error red light:
The drum has a resistors that is used to calculate toner coverage. The resistors contains calculated limitation that was managed by Samsung. If toner coverage is 5%, the resistor is delivered 20000 black pages and 5000 color pages.
When the resistors overload its calculated limitation, the printer will be locked and will send an error message. Change this resistor to solve the problem.

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lloyd dobbler : Thank you very much for this video. I was able to fix "image ghosting" on a Samsung CLP-315W by following your instructions to clean the charge roller with water. Imaging Unit was only at 1100pgs, 84% life remaining, but living in dry climate(Denver, CO) made the charge roller(and foam roller) ineffective at removing excess image toner.
Imaging unit drum was diagnosed as culprit by measuring 7.5 vertical inches between original image and ghosted image. Again, 10,000 thanks.
Sergei Posokhov : Original factory units that come with the printer do not have the thermal fuse anyways. In order to reset the drum without the thermal fuse, just put a jumper across the terminals of the resistor (small piece of copper wire will do). Close the door and plug the printer in. It will say "Initialize..." followed by a flash of lights, after which it will most probably reset itself as it is unable to "blow" the fuse (the cycle will repeat itself indefinitely). At this point switch it off (unplug power) and take out the holder with the resistor again. Take the jumper off (break the wire) and put the holder back in. Close the door and let the printer startup.
Tested on CLX-3300 series with CLT-R406 drum.
Mtech Toner : Thank you for sharing. Had all that I needed to know to fix my outdated printer.
Robert Dickinson : CLX DRUM SHAFT INSERTION: Samsung seem to use the same drum design for many of their printers esp CLX series but bearing different Model numbers. The most important point in dismantling and removing the drum shaft is a result of the internal electrical contacts that while rubbing on the shaft, allow a clean shaft to pass easily through them in only one direction. This is from the end bearing the gear (and internal contacts) towards the opposite end. Unfortunately this is not mentioned in this "Remanufacture" procedure but can be seen by carefully comparing both the disassembly and assembly segments of the video.
Martin Dorrance : Thanks for your videos. I have followed your steps and it became obvious that my smudgy printing was due to waste toner everywhere after printing envelopes etc. After rebuilding I am still getting big patches of no or feint print but some decent print across the full page in places. Also, any pictures including the test page come out as a yellow smudge. Any ideas please?

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Super Easy Drum Reset Guide for Samsung CLP 310 315 320 325 W CLX 3170 3175 3180 3185 W FN FW

Super easy drum reset guide for CLT-R407 and 409 Drum unit.
Compatible model list : CLP 310 315 320 325 W CLX 3170 3175 3180 3185 W FN FW

Takes only 25 sec to install.

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