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F-14D TOMCAT full video build -TAMIYA

TAMIYA Grumman F-14D Tomcat 1/48th scale No. 61118
Highly recommended becouse it is a best kit on the market, period! (IMO).

For more details about this Tamiya kit, tools and paints from this video please visit:

I am NOT!! being paid to promote this kit, paints, tools and to make this video! Thanks!

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Best licensed music:

Thanks for watching!
All the best!
Arthur Thorne : Well done! My version has gluey fingerprints everywhere, damaged stickers and the end result was a good looking potato.
Jonathan Gómez : Te quedo muy muy padre. Me relaja mucho ver tus videos. Espero pronto tener la habilidad que tienes para armar los modelos así.
Colm Coss Bey : I'm not a modeller but watching an artist like this is a simple joy.
v8packard : This is so impressive. I saw this plane, VF-101 AD 164, fly at the Chicago Air Show in 2002. I recently found out Tamiya included the decals for this plane in the 1/48 F-14D and it is making me want to jump back into modeling. Beautifully done, thank you.
Nick M : Really stunning job. I don't build models myself, but I watch your channel because I can still appreciate the skill involved in putting these together. Really wish I had your talent!

MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL 1/24 TAMIYA - part 3

This is TAMIYA MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL building video.
00:00 engine preparation
03:39 starter motor / alternator \u0026 water pump
05:09 oil line
06:46 injection pump
15:19 cylinder head cover
16:04 ignition wire / distributor
22:59 cylinder head cover lock screw
25:29 radiator fan
A4 Garage : I misdirected the starter motor. I fixed it now. Thanks.
Michael Cooke : Absolutely incredible work. Everything from those fuel lines to the spark plug wires is awesome. Your level of building is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing.
Allan weaverling : I’m simply amazed at your detail work. You are a true craftsman.
Bryan Hall : Yet another master class in micro engineering. Taking an off the shelf kit build to an incredible high level of additional detail. The whole process superbly videoed and clearly recorded.
Humberto H : Um dos trabalhos mais fantásticos que já vi. Parabéns, uma obra de arte.

Tamiya 1/35 How-to Figure Painting #scalemodeling #ScaleModelPainting #DioramaFigures

Hi I made my first figure painting video. I'm trying to get better at figure painting, so I'm practicing. This time I tried my best with my current painting skills. I'm learning figure painting through trial and error. I hope you enjoy it!

こんにちは 初めてのフィギュア塗装ビデオを作ってみました。フィギュア塗装上手くなりたくて練習しています。今回は現在の私の塗装技術でベストを尽くしました。試行錯誤しながらフィギュア塗装を勉強しています。是非観てください!
Mark Edwards : Impressive finish on your figures, would love to see you paint the equipment also. Appreciate you showing us your skill.
Stefan Schaad : Nice Job Moshiyan! Recently bought this kit. Tamiya figures have greatly improved over the years. This is one of their best figure kits in my opinion. Never used Vallejo paints, but Im tempted to try them.
Christopher Calara : Wow, I am at awe with your skills. You really nailed the face, the eyes to be exact. Since they’re the hardest part to paint. I’m on a break from figure painting since 2005, seeing you work inspired me again. Thanks for the tips on the priming of figures.
lieschen multikill : This a wonderful and easy to follow instructional video. Great concepts are always simple. I like your primer approach, since other modellers use black and then white 1500, but black and grey with withe drybrushing is awesome. Many thanks for the instruction and the time you have taken to share your great skills and a big applause fot the great looking figures!!!
ovidiu schley : Fantastic work at the figures and at the accesories , my friend . The painting and the weathering are so great .They are looking very detailed and realistic !




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