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Mercedes Benz R170 SLK Introduction

Introduction video for the new 1998 Mercedes SLK 230.
Christian Szilagyi : I like this video thanks.
First SLK 230 Kompressor 193 h.p.
1996-1999 60.000 DEM new price list,100$=160 DEM.
Face lift 2000-2004 197 h.p.
New price 35.000€.
This car the present day looks gut.
aragoras : great video,can you upload more of these old benz videos?
BMW Repair Crew : Thanks again compu85! Keep uploading these retro benz vids!
Ricardo DelaBarreraH : Espectacular slk
Tommy Olsen : Best cars! Have a 1998 SLK love it!

29-07-2014 Mercedes SLK R170 'oudste' op kenteken?

29-07-2014 Mercedes SLK R170 'oudste' op kenteken?
V Sar : I'm selling one R170. 10/ 2003 final edition 2.0 ...VERY good condition .
from Greece
René Z4 3.0 : Nette originele verschijning, ben dol op dit model SLK de R170.
Ben inmiddels al met mijn 2e bezig, eerst een 230 kompressor van de eerste generatie, nu een facelift 320.

Mercedes - SLK (R170) Promo video - (1996)

Mercedes - SLK (R170) Promo video - (1996)

Short video promoting the (then) new Mercedes SLK.
cfmatias : This video brings back so many good memories. Then a teen dreaming with it, now an adult with a cherished one in the garage :)
That's what life's for. Making dreams come true.
TheJason13666 : love my slk can't wait for summer next year :)
Federico V H : I feel Love for my Slk 200 Kompressor facelift !!
Gold Flexx : Sube el del clk230k 1998
Kevin Lu : After 22 yrs still running strong.




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