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Qocalmayan Çeşka | Mercedes-Benz C240 | AvtoStatus #42

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Kanala abunə ol: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSSlkKU254MXeCL2SnhZJUw

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Orxan Qurbanli : videonun evvelinde 2.3 mator dedi sonra 2.4 dedi bilmedim neche matordu
the Alishka Game : Qaqa neneminde dayiminda evenin yanindan kecdinn
Maahir Ismayilov : 3:20 bu ne sesdi alalalalaka
Vuqar Memmedov : Super
AHMED Pubg mobile : 93 dən qaqa

SINGER® FEATHERWEIGHT™ C240 Owner's Class - Threading

Introducing the new SINGER® Featherweight™ C240 sewing machine! With its sleek, compact design and weighing less than 14 pounds, it’s perfect for sewing in smaller spaces as well as taking with you to classes. In this video, we'll walk you through threading your new Featherweight sewing machine!

2002 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C240 Review

Brendan Coogan shares some information on a used Mercedes-Benz C240 and Ian Royle goes for a test drive in a C-Class with Naz Mirar who's looking to buy a car similar to his current BMW 3-Series.
Newedgegtphil : nice cars :)
Tim Marshall : Nice motor ! this video was the deciding factor on me buying a c240 Elegance . i chose this over the bmw because of room and you get allot of car for the money . mines got 70,000 miles on the clock has been very well maintained ! not quite as smooth as my wifes xj8 4.2 salloon but allot better on fuel ! it's kind of funny but i,m going to really find it hard to part with my hyundai coupe siii 2009! i may do a review first as it doesn't get the credit ! . Thanks fo the great review ! subscribed :
Zen Jenga : I have one of these in shoreline gold. Such a quiet cabin and a smooth drive. Handles well in all weather. Heavy car too.
Alton Washington : why not get a car your size
Lyndon : i love my c280 w203




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