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What is dementia? Alzheimer's Research UK

Which diseases cause dementia? How do they affect the brain? What symptoms do they lead to? Voiced by Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon, this short introduction explains the essentials of a condition affecting 850,000 people across the UK today.

Living with dementia

In this film, four people with dementia share their insights and experiences of living with advancing dementia. See SCIE's dementia resources:

Staying active and eating well matter greatly and can help a person live well with dementia. Behaviour, learning disability and sensory loss all have an impact.

From the Social Care Institute for Excellence:

Persons with Dementia: Skills for Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Elderly persons with dementia may present with challenging behaviors over the course of the illness. This video demonstrates skills that may be used by caregivers to address these behaviors. The health care information provided in these materials is for educational purposes only. It does not replace the role of a medical practitioner for advice on care and treatment.




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