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B Young - WINE (Official Video)

B Young - WINE

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Anonymous : no gyal twerking, no money being thrown, its just him and the view. love to see it
Yousuf Ahmed : this guy is is the definition of quality over quantity.
C Hunter : So we are going to just ignore the fact that he's not only talented but FINE!!
Naurin Akthar : He’s got a luxurious house in a nice location yet he’s dressed so simple and the place is empty. I think he’s trying to emphasise in the video how you can have everything and still feel empty without the person you love by your side
Phoenix Owl : He said “I don’t need no girls, no drugs, no alcohol!!!” Be surrounded by nature, as you should!!!!!

Every Wine Glass Explained By A Sommelier | World of Wine | Bon Appétit

Sommelier André Hueston Mack returns for another episode of World of Wine, this time explaining every type of wine glass - which glass suits which wine, the differences between them, and how each affects our perception and experience.\r
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0:00 Introduction\r
0:20 Burgundy Glass\r
1:40 Bordeaux Glass\r
2:40 Chardonnay Glass\r
3:16 Port Glass\r
4:11 Champagne Flute\r
5:12 Coupe\r
6:01 Stemless Glass\r
6:54 Universal Glass

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Every Wine Glass Explained By A Sommelier | World of Wine | Bon Appétit
Kyle K : This guy is cool. Very knowledgeable and not a snob.
Cradossk : I really like his approach to this subject.
"Here's what this glass is traditionally used for and why. "

" Here's my opinion on what might be better for the type of wine you're serving. "

" None of these are essential to enjoying a good glass of wine. "
malindarayallen : I know I've complained that we need more Andre Mack on this channel, but now that we are getting more, it's not enough. GIVE US EVEN MORE!!!
Josh P : Man, I really enjoy Andre. He is so opposite of what I think when I imagine "wine people", a lot of whom can be really pretentious.

Andre is knowledgeable, but also fun and doesn't strictly adhere to everything, doesn't care about snobby traditions and things like that. The guy just really liked wine and decided to make a career out of that, and that is great.
robert bourgoine : You forgot the most important one, the coffee mug.

How Wine Is Made

At Bolney Wine Estate in England, they specialize in red wine, but also produce white and sparkling wine. The sparkling wines go through a slightly different process again. They are fermented in the bottle, each bottle must be spun occasionally to consolidate the sediment that forms. This sediment can then be removed by a process called disgorging.

For more from Bolney Wine Estate:


#HowWineIsMade #BolneyWineEstate

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Ilia Zahirah : I don't even drink wine so why am I watching this?
Understanding Wines : It's fantastic that you've given so much insight into how it is made! So great for any beginner to see the actual process!
Fredrick Worbitz : That looks like such fun work collecting grapes by hand. You can't get any more holistic than connecting with nature.
Thanks for this beautiful glimpse into a company who genuinely values purity and quality. The workers also seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. Simply phenomenal.
qwakわ : What did the grape say when it was crushed?

Nothing, it just let out a little wine.
Edith Lemus : Is wine aged inside the glass bottles rather than in the barrels? I like that process.




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