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18Mph Electric Scooter Under $400? Razor Ecosmart Metro First Impressions

eBay (only $299!): http://ebay.to/2hmOz7Y
Walmart: http://bit.ly/2hlUU3q
Amazon (not available): http://amzn.to/2jPgvSS
Vilano Neutron eBike: http://amzn.to/2fELxbs
Vilano Atom eBike: http://amzn.to/2xtmHET

Amazon Gear List: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jordankeyes

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G Roc Perez : I bought this from Amazon when I saw this video a few months back. And I'm glad I did, the price went up and they still ran out of stock! Believe me, this the buy of a life time for me. I was nervous enough just ordering the darn thing, then when it got here, I could hardly wait to unbox it!
Anyway, as they say, the rest is history. I love my little Razor. I have saved so much in taxi fares it has paid for itself many times over. Now I don't have to inconvenience my family or take a taxi, where a $12 meal ends up costing over $25!
Celebrity Cyborg Cybernaut Kerry : SpecTY Jordan! I have been considering all of the pros and cons associated with the Electric Vehicle industry. I was not aware of a Metro version of the Razor.
Juan Carlos Valdes : Great video and thank you for your excellent review! I am also looking for something like this just to have on the side and enjoy the scenery. Love your neighborhood too!
Bee Tee Vee : I thank you for the video. Great review. Thanks being honest and pointing out the shakes. I’m a fan of electric transportation. Tho I’ve never Owned anything like this. I still wanna try
Ben Burleigh : It would be nice to see a wider/more forward foot rest set up on these board type scooters.

Razor Scoooters - A3, A5, and A6 - Comparison and Mini Review - Differences Explained

This is a video for those who are not sure what the differences between various Razor Scooter Models are. Here we Present the A3, the A5, and the A6 models.

Razor A3: https://amzn.to/2ATVsr3
Razor A5: https://amzn.to/2A0rp0C
Razor A6: https://amzn.to/3cYVgVL
Mahi : Dude thanks, these are the kind of videos that makes youtube a better place
William Palmer : Very helpful comparison since I was trying to decide between a5/a6. Thanks!
Kelsea Nova : I owned an A3 as a teen. Ordered an A5 today. So excited. I love that you used a bottle with beer as a unit of measure.
Al : This was the best and most in depth scooter review that I have seen thus far. Thank you!
Starcruiser75r : Hi there, great video. I own the A5 and the A6 and I prefer the A6 because it handles better and gets you further ahead due to the much larger wheels. The only thing I dislike about the A6 is when you unfold the scooter, if you dont screw the knob tight enough to keep the scooter unfolded it will sometimes collapse. Twice this has happened to me so I make sure the knob remains tight and check regularly to see it has not shaken loose. Other than that the A6 is my preferred scooter of choice for longer distances.

Razor ECOSMART Metro HD Electric Scooter- Gear Diary Review

Gear Diary checks out the new Razor ECOSMART Metro HD Electric Scooter
Gregory Myles : THANK you so much for this video. I'm literally was looking at this on Amazon moments ago. I'm seriously thinking of buying it for going the couple of blocks to the corner store instead of using my van for such trips. I'm 52, 6'2" and about 270 lbs. I'd like to buy this as motivation to lose weight down to 200lbs.
Kelala Music : I really like that scooter and was seriously thinking of getting one until I found out that it has lead acid batteries. I can't believe that in this day and age the company is using such old technology. Good luck with battery life.
Benjammin : That motor is incredibly quiet compared to similar scooters I have used with chains
Paul Andrew Anderson : Kinda already decided upon this model; it's been in my Walmart lists for 2 months; investigating first, this video sealed the deal for this old man: Thanks! PS: Kudos on the yard sign too. PAA
Andre H : Thank you, you're the only one with the HD model video and amazon reviews were laughable. But, after watching your video - I was convinced for the HD, not the chain driven previous model.




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