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Deburring - Tools and Techniques

Robin Renzetti, Precision ground toolroom stones:

Chamfering machine:


Renegade bt : A 55 min. video is just fine with me.. Thank you for all of your video's, stay safe.. and Thank you..
szabo rubin : Wow that brass trick is brilliant. Great video Stefan.
Joseph Duda : Thank you this was very informative
The Flying Dutchman : Wow. Great video. Thank you so much. Also, your English is superb!
outsidescrewball : Enjoyed....watching again after years. Great info
Steve Beecheno : Hi Stefan, your videos are just a cut above the rest! (Pun intended). I'm wondering whether those Degussit stones are worth it for deburring, edge breaking and light chamfering on precision CNC machined aluminium parts? I know you mentioned aluminium but they seem to be advertised as better for use on harder materials such as glass and ceramics. What are your views? Thanks!
Ty Huffman : Thank you Stefan
JessLe : Great video. What is the music you used in your intro?
robertt4522 : Once again excellent...all my questions answered...tnx...bob
Nicholas Metsovo : That was *amazing*. Thank you. You are so fortunate to be able to do that for a living! I would love to be an apprentice under you! Many, many thanks!

Tool Time Tuesday - 2 inexpensive deburring tools

Official Simple Little Life video of: Tool Time Tuesday - 2 inexpensive demurring tools. Two of the tools I find very handy in my knife making process. Great for any process of making anything that requires you to remove burrs from small holes.

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Some preparedness, DIY, building quality things with your hands, guns, gear, and outdoor exploration.
mike reid munro : Really helpful vid and took very little time to get the message across ; great advice.
Sudo Nym : Aluminium




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