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Demo video: Millipore® Stainless-Steel Aerosol Filter Holders for Environmental Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is used to monitor industrial particle contamination. Millipore® 47 mm stainless-steel aerosol filter holders were designed for sampling large particle volumes in variety of industry-standard testing methods. This video outlines the components found in Millipore® stainless-steel aerosol filter holders, as well as filter holder assembly and use.

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Ransohoff - Millipore Procedure

Through microscopic image analysis, a statistical analysis of the contamination within any parts can be conducted. This is performed to validate the cleanliness levels achieved by a particular cleaning or manufacturing process.

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Mangesh Wankhede : What is the name of liquid
Foodie Preneur : Helps a lot
Thank you so much ✨
Patel Rohan : Most probably distilled water

Millipore Sigma/Merck KGaA explain Circa's bio-based solvent Cyrene™

We produce bio-based solvent Cyrene™, a renewable alternative for traditional, toxic solvents. Millipore Sigma/Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, producers of this video, enable Cyrene™ distribution worldwide.




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