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Injector Dynamics New 1050x vs ID1000 Fuel Injectors & E85

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Looking at injectors for your turbo build? Look no further. In this video we compare the new 1050x vs the older and very popular ID1000s! Also answer some FAQ about injectors in general.

What injector size do I need?
Is there such a thing as too big?
Will these injectors work with other types of fuel?

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ID1000 Injector Testing Dodge Challenger Hellcat Go Man Go Speedy's Garage

Stuff I use:
Race Ramps:
Race Ramp Low Profile Extension:
Tire Rack:
Cordless Ratchet:
Cordless 1/2" Impact:
Cordless 3/8" Impact:
Ratchet Set:
Wrench Set:

I had to know, so today I show the results of having our Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors tested and cleaned. I wanted to make sure we weren't have any fuel delivery issues after the original Hellcat engine failure in Go Man Go. In other words, my Hellcat engine blew up and I'm taking precautions

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Music By:
Joakim Karud
Dyalla Swain

ID1000 and Bosch 95 Injector Comparison Test

Had both sets in today for cleaning and flow testing. They have same flow rating so thought it would be a cool test to see them run at the same time.




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