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[ENG Ver.] TOEIC SPEAKING TEST REVIEW | with Gwen! #14 : [2019-11-02 TEST] | 토익스피킹 문제해설


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#토익스피킹 #토스문제해설
Reese Chaung : Hi Gwen, your videos are very helpful for me, thank you a lot!
HWL : Thanks a lot, Tr. Gwen!
Your videos are awesome!
They are like my treasures!❤️
I’m so sorry that ur voice are almost disappeared! Hope u can feel better!
Elena animaenatura : Thank you for your help and commitment!! It's really helpful.
Leo Ko : OMG. Your English and Korean are both perfect, which I have never seen before. 최고수준의 컨텐츠입니다
Zoon Seo : Thank you~ my lovely teacher ♡

TOEIC Speaking Overview

In this video, Jay from E2 Test Prep provides an overview to the Speaking section of the TOEIC Test.

For E2's TOEIC preparation course, self-study materials, practice tests, daily classes, 1:1 tutorials, feedback and lots more, sign up for free at​

Got questions? Get in touch:
reichen666 : Very comprehensive ! I love it ! Thank you very much ! <3
Marcus Zydus : This is so much like Duolingo English Test.
ELIZABETH : Thank you !
wang orange : 2022,you have 45 sec to prepare the picture.
Eve Huang : What there is no propose a solution?


This video is created based on the new format of the Toeic Speaking Test, effective on August 7th.
Practice makes perfect!!!
You can see MODEL ANSWER for this test HERE:

#toeicspeakingtest #toeicspeakingnewformat #toeicspeaking2022 #toeicspeakingactualtest
#toeicnoiviet #dethithattoeicnoiviet
Lý LinhThuy : Thank you so much for creating such a helpful videos series <3
Harry L : Thank you very much, you really do me a huge favor in practicing.
Quang Nhật Vũ : then kiu very much, hope to see more video
Ean Chou : Thank you
Yao Chen : Do you have answers of this test? Thanks




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