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Samsung CLP-365

Tonerwechsel beim Samsung CLP 360 / 365 / CLX 3300 / 3305

So wechseln sie einen Toner beim Laserdrucker Samsung CLP 365 (analog bei: CLP 315 / 325 / 360 / 365 / 360 /N/ND / CLP 365 WCLX 3170 / CLX 3175 / CLX 3185 / CLX 3300 / CLX 3305, CLX 3300, CLX 3305 / W / FN / FW, Xpress C410 W, Xpress C460 W/FW )
Jacksohn01 : Vielen Dank für das Video. Wäre sonst gar nicht darauf gekommen das Gerät vorne zu öffnen :-D

How to remove and clean Samsung Transfer Belt CLP-365

How to remove, clean and disassembly the transfer belt Samsung laser printer CLP 365

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Mateo Blum : This is the best tutorial ever! Samsung should pay you for this
Emily Laney : A+ video! For anyone with trouble removing the wire clip: I had to use pliers to firmly pull out the wire connector. It was too tight to remove with fingers. No damages.
CreArtation : Geat video and explanation thanks. I had a transfer belt fault on a CLX-3305. Completly taking apart as per your second half of video and cleaning has solved the problem the only different thing I did was fitting the side springs before the outer cover was reftted. Acess to them was then easier.
Jason Blue : Thank you very much! I don't use my printer often, but for the last few years, it's been printing dirty. I followed your steps here, and it's printing like new!
ahairstonification : Thank you so very much. You saved me time and money. People like you are the reason good moral values are still in place




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