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How to Fix VBA Run-time error '1004' - Excel VBA Tutorial

Run-time error '1004' is a common error while writing VBA Code.
This tutorial explains, how to fix Application-defined or Object-defined error with simple example.
Sam Harkreader : Thank you for this simple explanation of a problem that was consuming much of my time. I have a range that shows the results of a lookup. The code had been working but in doing other things, I had manually cleared the contents of the range. I didn't realize that my manual clearing of the range caused the error until I found your simple video. Thank you!
Reynaldo Moreno : where do we check the values of the variables? is there a debug mode to see what is being referenced when the code runs? thanks
Ajit Karode : I am facing error 1004
I have created 2 modules
In 1 module it searches cell address based on criteria, if criteria match then some process to be done. Which is common whenever criteria matches.
So in module 2 I wrote for code. So whenever I call module 2 based on criteria it shows error 1004.
How to solve this.
KR masti zone : I have an error 1004 in Excel with pivot table....can you solve it
cm anas Odakkaly : Sir I want to insert Sheet 1 to sheet 10000 but in the number Sheet 2627 always error by a refrenced object library or workbook referenced by visual basic. can I do with debug. ...programme were a I as integer and i+1 the code

How to Fix VBA Run-Time Error '1004' - Excel VBA Tutorial

How to Fix VBA Run-Time Error '1004' - Excel VBA Tutorial.

Issues addressed in this tutorial:
vba runtime error 1004
vba runtime error
vba runtime error 424
vba runtime error 13 type mismatch fix
vba runtime error 9 subscript out of range
vba run-time error 76
vba runtime error 9
vba runtime error 5
runtime error 91 excel vba
runtime error 1004 vba excel
runtime error 2147 automation error vba
runtime error 438 vba excel
runtime error 424 vba excel

If you work in an organization, you most probably have the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite or Office 365 installed on your PC.

MS Excel is a very popular spreadsheet and is used worldwide for storing, organizing and manipulating data. This is used for both the individual and business purposes; this comes in two extensions XLS and XLSX format. But apart from its popularity, it is found this gets corrupted and due to this, it starts showing Runtime error 1004.

Even if this one of the best spreadsheet tools in the market, this doesn’t make Microsoft Excel immune to occasional bugs. This would be the case with an error message users have been reporting: Run time error 1004. Application-defined or object-defined error.

This tutorial will apply for Microsoft Excel 2021, 2019, 2013, and 2010 for both Windows (such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Asus) and macOS (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini) devices.
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Lawrence Napier : I have a file that users report getting this error, but I never do. The settings in this tutorial were already set in Trust Center. Wondering if there is any further guidance.
Z GHANI : Thank you!
BargoFf : Намного медленнее работает с этой галкой.
BargoFf : Не решает проблему !

Run time error 1004, Cannot run the Macro in Excel

Some people have been complaining about the Excel runtime error 1004. From the outset, this error may come off as a huge problem, but in truth, it is more of a distraction than anything else. Run-time error 1004 may occur if Excel does not get access to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Macros.

The error appears mostly when the user tries to run MS Visual Basic for Applications Macro. The entire thing is a security procedure to lock MS VBA from Excel, but if the user decides to give it access, then runtime error 1004 will likely never appear. The error message could have multiple variations, and they are:

1] Runtime error 1004: Application-defined or object-defined error

2] Runtime error 1004: Copy method of Worksheet Class Failed

3] Error 1004: Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted

To read more, this this article on
@muhammadsuleman6179 : Hi i hope you are fine and good.
i have question?
kindly reply
I have VBA Macro excel file. it have a button in it. when i press the button it automatically get data from website and put it excel sheet with date.
but unfortunately the file is not working now. when i run the file in other laptop it works fine.
can you solve the problem to run the file in first computer?
@jessicatipple2296 : I still get the same error when I do this... What else can I try?
@tanmaynarayankar6347 : Hello. When I am running macro then got tu time error 1004 but I am not open other file but showing other file name showing with error so tell me what is do
@sumitgoyal5012 : Not resolved showing unable to set orientation property of the pivot class
@NEXTBULL : i have an excel still not running after setting , said by you ? what to do now?




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