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Motoactv Unboxing & Overview + Sports Wrist Strap

Get the MOTOACTV for less here -


This is an unboxing and overview of the Motoactv and sports wrist strap. The Motoactv is a very unique watch / device capable of many interesting uses. Here are some more details -

MOTOACTV is a GPS fitness tracker and smart music player combined into a small, wearable device. Your running, walking and biking workout is tracked and stored online. Your speed, distance, and burned calories are all captured effortlessly. The music player stores hours of your music and "learns" what tunes motivate you. Elegant controls but rugged construction -- it's sweat proof, rain resistant, and scratch resistant.

Choose between two MOTOACTV models -- 8GB or 16GB, both capable of storing hours and hours of your favorite heart pumping music to keep you moving through your workout. Features a tough and scratch-resistant 1.6" Corning Gorilla Glass display that automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. Sweat proof and rain resistant.
George Collins : First comment in a year
LoneHerman : this is the reason apple sucks they literally copied Motorola
Olefox123 Granås : 2018
abul hossain : omg omg omg omg omg dude seriously 2 usbs coolest than any other power charging break in the world.
rexbk09 : Now 2018, Rico. AND I have 2 MOTOactv .... wait.... flops R "cool" right? .....
Mr. Conservatarian : 2017 anyone
Rico : who's here in 2017??
ProLuke : 15$ on amazon
fawkthescene666 : Skull and craaaasbones! Just started looking into a smartwatch, and although this is a pretty old watch - it's looking pretty good for what I want. Still waiting for my s4 mini to get at least a 4.3 update so galaxy gear is kind of out of the question. I like this watch because it can be used as a standalone fitness/watch/mp3 player without synching it to a phone....or if you want you can use the phone features. They're going for $70 on ebay right now.

A look back at the Motoactv

Taking a retrospective look at the Motoactv smart watch.
Rich Daley : I found this video while thinking about devices I had owned that I really loved. When this device was released, Android phones were pretty clunky and unreliable. I was a huge Android fanboy at the time but even I knew the limitations. This thing performed so much better than any phone I had owned up until that point. My phone would freeze up or run really slow at times. It would drop connections to wifi and bluetooth. With the motoactv, I used to connect my bluetooth headphones, a heart rate monitor, and a step monitor and they would never lose connection even during a workout when I was also using GPS, playing music etc. I used to even connect it to my car to play music I had stored on it, something I STILL cannot do with my Apple watch. It had a really nice web interface to plan workouts and sync them to the device and also see the results of my workout.

I did root mine and installed a normal Android launcher. Other than showing it off to people, I never really found it too useful because the screen was so small. It did work to show video etc though which was really cool.
Fried Guy : did something happen in easymodder or in one of the applications can't seem to root my motoactv
Dillon Word : Do you know where to get stock firmware for it?
mcflybm : Hey, I'm looking for a Smartwatch with this features (WiFi, GPS and independent Music being the ones I want), do you know a current smartwatch with these features?
Luke Beauchamp : Wow, this sure beats my Pebble Time Steel.
Jean Vieira : Does it work with a glove?
Jerald : the WiFi stopped working on mine and it says connected
MPTCE : Hello, do you remember me ? I asked for a Sygic video a long time ago, for buying the MotoACTV, actually i got it about a month ago, it is beautiful but i got problems :( i wanted to know whether these things are right about yours :
Rom : DProm
Launcher : LauncherPro (Full)
I rooted, and i put the LaunchedPro and DProm but yet my watch is strange, forces closes some apps, and videos don't work... Thanks in advance !
Chester Whiseant : Augmented Smartwatch pro will add the notification magic that Wear devices have, makes up for the one stated deficit this video lists.
A Edwards : I didn't know that this watch did all this. I use mine for running only. I put it on to run and take it off when I'm done. I bought it used in 2012 and have ran hundreds of miles with it can't run without it.

Motorola MOTOACTV Review

PhoneArena reviews the Motorola MOTOACTV. Enter the MOTOACTV, a specialized device that Motorola hails as being the ultimate fusion of music and fitness, as it aims to whip us into shape by tracking and monitoring our physical activities. Yeah, it might simply be an MP3 player with some fitness functions sprinkled on, but there's a whole lot more seeing it's an add-on accessory that might go nice with an Android powered Motorola device...
For more details, check out our web site:
Florida Man : I got one. It's pretty awesome, actually. It's able to sync my fitness data to the online portal, answer my calls, read my texts, play my fitness music, and tracks me via GPS. It never said anything about being sweatproof or waterproof, but it was stated to be very water resistant, meaning that people should still take caution into action. Wear a wristband or something to soak up the sweat or something.

Edrian Jose Quintos : totoo???

willmer andres farfan arce : no se si alguien me pudiera ayudarrrr, compre un motoactv f100 y no he podido hacer nada ni meterle musica ni entrar al Internet. aparte tengo unos audífonos s10 y no he podido ponerlo en bl. agradezco si alguien me pudiera ayudar. gracias
Raul Garcia : @ kelvin it's not Google it's Motorola it's ment to be a watch a fitness tracker and mp3
David Jenkins : This is not a product of google.
Hyper Coffee : In our country it's only Php999 = $25
Vinicius Moreno : good day ..
will be that you know cuz when I press the start button does not start the application as (stopwatch, race)
button to start the clock back to the time ...
Kelvin Guerrero : Another badly copy of Apple product, by Google. Really GAY device, and for christ sake STOP COPYING APPLE PRODUCTS SO SHAMELESSLY!!!!!
EliottK : great success
rebsm10 : can you receive texts on it?




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