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포지션 (Position) - I Love You

원곡: 尾崎豊 - I Love You
이정민 : 재욱씨 행복하세요
홍수 : 이노래 일본노래 번안곡인데 친일노래 아닌가요?
박선영 : 아씨...그때로돌아가고싶다..
한우 : 원곡을 씹어먹은 쌉레전드
나대건 : 2020년에서 왔습니다.
MyoNGKEUH CHol : 오빠알러뷰
hyunjong Son : 20대 중반..믿었던 여자친구에게 배신 당하고...혼자 노래방가서 한시간 내내 이 노래 불렀는데..ㅎㅎㅎ 노래방에서 나오는데,....노래방 아주머니가...다 그런거라고 힘내라고...캔 사이다 하나 주셨음....지금 생각하면 참 웃기네요...그래도 다시 들어도 너무 좋네요...
송기헌 : 요새는이런노래찾기하늘에별따기
김난 : 이노래언제나온건 기억이잘안나요 너무오래대서
손성현 : 죽을때 까지들을 사람 손

‘아이러브’ 출신 신민아, 극단적 선택 시도에 팬들 깜짝!ㅣ본격연예 한밤(New Late Night E-NEWS)ㅣSBS ENTER.

걸그룹 아이 러브의 멤버 신민아 씨가 최근 왕따를 고백하며 마음의 병이 있다고 밝힌다.

SBS 수요일 예능 '본격연예 한밤'
☞ 오후 8시 55분 본방송

#본격연예한밤 #신민아 #아이러브

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Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi - I See the Light (From "Tangled"/Sing-Along)

All at once everything looks different now that I see you Sing along to "I See the Light" with the Mandy Moore \u0026 Zachary Levi and watch Tangled on Disney+.

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#Tangled #IveGotADream #DisneySingAlongs

Music video by Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi performing I See the Light (From "Tangled"/Sing-Along). © 2020 Walt Disney Records
Kelly Barrientos : One of the best disney movies ever made.....i adore this movie.
wainedi : J'avais jamais entendu en anglais bah je regrette d'avoir entendu mtn
Shreeya saha : People has called me different things bu the fact that eugene is my first animated crush has never changed!!
cmon I cant be the only one in love with his eyebrow dances
Stella - : UvU this is nostalgic very much when i kid i sing this song
-Demonof thedark- : "NoW tHaT i SeE YoU"
Shit I feel like she talking to the lanterns what type of sad life she living in-
Nial Vessal : Eugene is the most romantic guy Disney could ever conceive

He went from trying to boycott her dreams just for its satchel to GO OUT OF HIS WAY to buy her stuff in town, give her a boat ride to make this the most magical evening ever and even brought in two lanterns

Character growth anyone?
Kenny Khuê : This gonna be played again in my wedding
starry heart : my favorite forever. ✨❤️
HAMIM GAMING : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pooja Mahanta : I miss my love so much. Now we are not together.




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