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The new 2023 GasGas TXT GP300 will be for sale at Kaplan Cycles this fall.
Enjoy this demonstration of the '22 model by professional team GasGas trials rider Josh Roper.


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Kaplan Cycles LLC
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Vernon, CT 06066
BUSHCRAFT AND FISHING WITH THE PIKEY : Got one road legal for my daily here in England, got the hebo tank extender on the forks too, turns some heads in traffic amazing bikes , the torque still scares me, sneeze and you've looped it
Robert Morrow : U guys r doing awesome.. so happy and proud.. keep it up boys …
jon mccormick : 4:28 That how you keep your bike stable by bringing it forward and backward in a tight or uncertain spot. Nicely done on the Gas-Gas.
Bob G : Very lightweight, nicely done GasGas!
Keatin Stanchfield : Sick freaking bikes bro such a crazy the channel

GP-300 Infrarood Thermometer met LCD Display - Koortsmeter

GP-300 Infrarood Thermometer met LCD Display - Koortsmeter

The best Casio GP500 and GP300 Buyers Guide - Full Features & Sound Comparison

Casio GP500 and GP500 Buyers Guide - Piano Sound and Feature Comparison
In this video, Tony \u0026 Chris discuss the differences between the Casio Grand Hybrid pianos - the GP300 vs the GP500. The Casio Grand Hybrid pianos are high quality digital pianos that feature very authentic keyboard actions, which have been designed in collaboration with German luxury piano manufacturer Bechstein.

You can find pricing and more information on the Casio Grand Hybrid piano range at this link:

Manufacturer information on the Casio Grand Hybrid Range

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You can find pricing and more information on the Casio Grand Hybrid piano range at this link:

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Casio Grand Hybrid Piano ction Review

Dexibell S7 Stage Piano Demo

Dexibell Piano First Play

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Amazing!! Dexibell S7 vs Nord Piano 3 Shoot Out! Comparison

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Alexander Borro : Thank you for the review. I tried the GP 500 couple of times and it is a lovely instrument IMO. Had to watch this just in case I missed anything interesting.

Worth pointing out then, something that wasn't covered in this review. There are some additional advanced features related to string resonance and aliquot resonance that can also be adjusted on the GP500, that stuff is not present on the GP300. I only tried the GP500, not GP300. Not sure how big a difference that makes to the overall experience playing around with these. Just to point out to potential buyers. In other words, the difference between the two models goes beyond what is covered in this video, not only are there convenience features such as the ability to save specific settings on the GP500 that you can't on the GP300.

Whether the extra £ 1000 for such additional features and the lick of gloss is worth it only the buyer can decide. :) There may be some other things in there that are different between the two models. Another nice feature I found, I believe this is on both, the sustain pedal can be adjusted too to give different response curve, neat. :)
Magictalent : Wow. I were thinking I am going to save up for the GP300. Compare the sound, they sound hugely different. The GP 500have more life to it. For CAD $2,000 more, I think it is worth it. Other question, is the difference come from the speaker or simply due to the system?
Trish Meyer : Thanks, especially for the explanation of Concert Play. The Casio sales person at NAMM didn't know that Casio were adding new pieces regularly. That's a big selling point.
Nowthen AD : Eventually, the piano manufacturers will make these pianos so exactly the same as traditional pianos that they will have returned to the traditional piano.
Julian Lambert : My 10yr old Clavinova is packing up (action going) so this video was really useful - thanks to you both!




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