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TCG Theory - The 1-Cost Problem

TCG Design Theory 309 - The 1-Cost Problem
An interesting thing to notice about many games that have adopted renewable resource systems similar to Magic the Gathering is that many of them have substantially fewer 1-cost cards than Magic does. Why is that, and what does it reveal about the design of TCG resource systems?

This channel's 1 year anniversary came and went without me really making much note of it, but looking back on all the videos I've put out so far, I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the endeavor - as someone who just started this to air out my own musings about the tcg genre, I'm really excited more than 700 of you subscribed to hear more. That's seriously amazing! Given how rusty some of the earlier videos I made were, and how many areas there still are for me to improve in, I'm hoping this next year will be even better. Thanks for watching everyone, and I'll see you in the next video!
GO! Cards and Stuff : Interesting topic! I never thought of it this way.
HunterSerge : Another aspect of this that I think is important to acknowledge is the "play on curve" issue. Being able to play cards on those early turns, and not letting that mana go to waste, is really important to tempo. So you end up with an issue where you either keep the 1 cost pool small and this becomes super luck based as there are probably only a couple good cards at each low cost, or you make a ton and you end up with this issue.

This is why I'm really fond of the Build Divide/Z/X/Dragoborne solution of starting at 2 mana. Since your turn 1 mana pool is now 3, it becomes far easier to ensure your players have a healthy amount of turn 1 playable cards to put in their deck so they can consistently play on curve in the early game, without running into this balance issue.
J : This is why classic Vs. System was so good. Characters had costs, effect cards (plot twists and locations) had Thresholds.
Plus the game was designed to be played as a curve.
You still would need good 1 cost characters but many times over the most powerful effect they had was a search effect.
Pattern : Playing multiple 1-costs SHOULD be strong until you run out of cards, balanced by 1-costs being bad in topdeck mode.
If a game is too fast, card advantage stops being so important so low cost cards dominate.
Yinyanyeow : One cost can be scary but can also be used for a target pulling dolls. Though it has to be done right. An example I feel is something like the level 1 rear guards.

TCG Day 1 | 2022 Pokémon Europe International Championships

Tune in to catch Day 1 of all of the TCG competition taking place at EUIC 2022 this weekend!
Need'O'King : Immidietly recognized that voice, TheWossy, one of the most important persons in TCG world imho.
jake r : Tord Reklev vs Magnus Pedersen 37:25
Gustavo Wada vs Igor Tonso 1:53:10
Pedo Torres vs Fabien Pujol 3:01:45
Pablo Meza vs Elena Gomez 4:25:20
Thai Nguyen vs Nico Alabas 5:38:10
Frank Percic vs Gabriel Smart 6:42:00
Mateusz Rusinek vs Heddi Brahmi 7:55:34
Daniel Lynch vs Rahul Reddy 9:09:44
Sander Wojcik vs Niels Jurgensen 10:23:34
JoelRiter : You know, that one announcer has a perfect voice for radio. Maybe he should do something with that? Like a Pokemon TCG Radio?

Also, Omnipoke and Ross? What a duo! I do miss Pooka and Jwitz, but I will easily take these two in their stead.
Ace Games : The match of Elena Gomez and Pablo Mezo has so many things done wrong on Elena's end. Putting the rotom phone card into her hand, not shuffling after failing a quick balls 3 times
Tobi Brendler : I'm really interested in the number of words one of the commentators spoke on this day.. wow.

Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance FAQ – Important New Pokemon Rulings!!

The lovely folks at Pokegym have gone and published the FAQ from Astral Radiance including some important new rulings that you're gonna need to know if you're playing the game! Come see!

FULL Astral Radiance Trainer Gallery Revealed:
CUT Cards from Astral Radiance:
New Pokémon Center:
How to Order the Best Product Ever:
Secret Are Arezu \u0026 Volo:
Which Set to Invest In? (Brilliant Stars, Astral Radiance Go):
More Secret Rares Revealed:
Best Product Ever?:
Character Rares are Back:
Weird New Products:
Pokemon Go Update:
Pokemon Go Preorder Guide:
Surprise Reprints:
Weird Promos \u0026 Products Coming:
1st Ever Enamous Card:
New Japanese Set News:
Pokémon Go Update:
Mewtwo VSTAR:
Radiant Eevee Collection:
HUGE Pokémon Go Update:
Huge Astral Radiance Update:
Dark Fantasma (S10a) Products:
Weird News:
These Cards are NEVER Coming Back:

Subscribe to Wossy Plays:

Devansh Koppar : Am I the only one confused about why the Regidrago ability needs a ruling? It's so obviously stated IN THE CARD text that you can't use more then one. Especially considering we have seen identical text in cards like Kricketune and Crobat, seems unecessary.
PKMN Promos : Hey! Apparently, if you use Scoop-up Net on Radiant Greninja, and bench it again, then you can use the ability again!
Natural Harmonia Gropius : My fave FAQ is the EVS Zoroark wherein you completely heal all damage, after you use this ability
Benjamin Peacock : I'm surprised Galarian Wheezing from Evolving Skies isn't in this now that It has a weird interaction with Darkrai
jacksonmr : I'm surprised any of these needing a ruling really. I guess it does help to have an extra explanation somewhere to nail things down if someone tries to pull any shenanigans.




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