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Switzerland in 8K ULTRA HD HDR - Heaven of Earth (60 FPS)

►This video Optimize to 8K demo and HDR

This videos you can use for learn Nature, about place, River, Wildlife, etc with Ultra-HD resolution.

High Quality Video In Exceptional 8K Ultra HD Quality For 8K TV

You can also use to Home, Shop, Living Room , Office , Lounge , Waiting Room, gym, airport, hospital, Hotel, Showroom, Restaurant, Guest house, Relaxing Room, And More...!

►This 8k DEMO Video for Entertainment and Educational purpose.

I try to give my best knowledgeable and educational information about earth and nature in all my videos.

►► Total Numbers Of Clips In this video are - 63

1. Beautiful green hill and tree in Switzerland aerial view 0:00
2. Single tree in the green mountain with wind 0:22
3. Little waterfall from green hill in Switzerland 0:38
4. Mini bridge without pillar in Switzerland, Aerial View 0:49
5. Beautiful River with Swiss alps mountains 1:00
6. Zürich City in Switzerland by green tree and river 1:10
7. A girl walks with a snowboard in the snow at sunrise 1:21
8. Alps rugged mountains aerial view at sunrise time 1:32
9. Cloud fair on the green hill in Switzerland 1:48
10. Snowy mountain in Switzerland, aerial view 2:04
11.Rocky mountains in Switzerland, aerial view 2:30
12. Plain meadow with beautiful river and small house 2:41
13. Mountains in Switzerland at winter 2:57
14. The Red Glacier Express train is running along the side of the hill 3:08
15. Spiez Castle, Switzerland drone view 3:29
16. Landwasser viaduct bridge, Viaduct in Filisur, Switzerland 3:48
17. Beautiful house and canal aerial view 3:56
18. Matterhorn mountain with aesthetic clouds and lake 4:17
19. Downtown Geneva, city in Switzerland 4:33
20. Alps Mountain range with sunset in Europe 4:54
21. A girl walks with a snowboard in the snow at sunrise ( part 2) 5:05
22. Interlaken and blue sky in Switzerland 5:15
23. Beautiful small village with green grassland and river 5:26
24. Aerial view of Bern City in Switzerland 5:48
25. Plain green hill with farm at sunny day 6:08
26. Swiss town with lake and nice palm tree 6:30
27. Geneva City with lake in Switzerland 7:01
28. Farm with cows eating grass in the field 7:22
29. Lucerne City in Switzerland 7:35
30. Geneva City with green beautiful mountain in Switzerland 7:51
31. Geneva City in Switzerland (part 2) 8:04
32. Matterhorn with blue sky and clouds 8:24
33. Green Tree and mountain with little river 8:42
34. Narrow roads and cars are moving along the side of the hill 8:54
35. Lucerne City in Switzerland 9:18
36. red glacier express in Switzerland alps 9:31
37. Zürich City in Switzerland by green tree and river (part 2) 9:50
38. Busy Zürich City in sunny day 10:07
39. Aerial view of lake with alps 10:20
40. Beautiful green mountain with blue sky 10:45
41. Zürich City with blue lake drone view 11:10
42. Beautiful red roof building in Bern City 11:24
43. Geneva city beautiful bridge 11:48
44. Beautiful Lake with snowy mountain 12:13
45. Aesthetic grass and meadows with mountain in Switzerland 12:47
46. Bern City in Switzerland (part 2) 13:13
47. Switzerland tourist walking on the road 13:39
48. Towers walls in the town Lucerne Switzerland 14:07
49. Rhine Falls in Switzerland 14:33
50. Sunny day with lake in Zürich, CH 14:50
51. Sunny day with lake in Zürich, CH (part 2) 15:03
52. Beautiful house and bridge aerial view Bern city Switzerland 15:17
53. Night time Zürich City drone-view 15:39
54. Snowy swiss alps 16:11
55. Blue sky with small trees in the mountains 16:21
56. Alpine mountain with green village 16:37
57. Zürich City in the afternoon, drone-view 16:54
58. Cloud fair on the green hill in Switzerland (part 2) 17:04
59. Rocky mountains in Switzerland, aerial view 17:15
60. Zürich City in the afternoon, drone-view (part 2) 17:41
61. Swiss parliament, bran Switzerland 18:19
62. Flag of Switzerland, drone-view 18:40
63. End title 19:02

Note : To view at 8K 60P you will need to use Chrome \u0026 opera.
This video created for entertainment informative, educational purposes

Music Credits:
Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)
Year: 2017
Title: Eternity

"Naoya Sakamata - Dissociation" is under a Creative Commos license (CC BY 3.0).
Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: http://bit.ly/2PjvKm7
Credit thumbnail- shutterstock
Copyright\r Disclaimer
▶ All The Footage Used In The Video Is Licensed.
▶ All The footage Was Edited And Color Corrected By Me.
▶ I Use Paid And Free Stock Footage In My Channel.
▶ Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.

✉ email: durbar0321@gmail.com
Awaan Story : This video 8K but i watching at 360p, that was amazing experience
Max Hoselton : 16:40 is the most beautiful God’s creation is so beautiful! I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful will new heaven and earth be.
Andrea : Someday, I'm gonna be there. In God's perfect time.
ENG20CS0057 _ Bhajan H P : Heaven !!
Such a clean city loved it ❤
Anyone from INDIA ♥
Al Ash : I went to Highschool in Zurich, Switzerland. The school's called 'Gymnasium Zürich-Enge' and they proudly told us back then, that when this school was built, no tree was allowed to be cut down during the process. The architects had to plan a school 'around' the trees and incorporate them.

Switzerland 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film With Calming Music

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sword fan : These videos of Switzerland and Norway have brought me to tears. I can't even imagine places like this can exist in this ugly world...makes me feel like I missed the place where I truly belong.
Раиса Бешкурова : Красиво ! Как прекрасен наш мир,наша земля!Всем людям желаю Здоровья и Мира!
Hö Rei : A great and unique work! Thank you for highlighting this beautiful country that is Switzerland!
Dapur Fithry : I will Stay Here for long time if i can
귤중독자GJDJ : I watch this video to see great scenery, but sometimes I watch to listen to great music. Thank you for showing me such wonderful scenery that I may not have seen in my lifetime. As a Christian, I feel God through this video.

Aeschi bei Spiez | The Village at the foot of the Alps - Switzerland

Aeschi bei Spiez is a municipality in the Frutigen-Niedersimmental administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland.
Aeschi bei Spiez is first mentioned in 1228 as Asshes. In 1269 it was mentioned as (villa) Esche..[3]

The earliest traces of settlements in the area include scattered La Tene era graves and individual prehistoric tools. During the Middle Ages, it was part of the Herrschaft of Mülenen, under the Lords of Kien. The Herrschaft then passed through several other nobles, including the Wädenswil and Turn families. By the 13th century, Aeschi was the center of a large parish. The Romanesque parish church of St. Peter was first mentioned in 1228. The frescoes in the church were painted in the 14th century. In 1352, the city of Bern acquired the village land, while the low court rights remained with other noble families. Under Bernese rule, the village was initially part of the district of Mülenen. In the 15th and 16th centuries, it became part of Frutigen. The town charter was first documented in 1469.[3]

In 1528, Bern forced the villagers to adopt the Protestant Reformation. In the following year, the parish was split and the village of Reichenbach became an independent parish.[3]

During the 19th century the economy stagnated and the village population began to decrease. The rise of tourism the late 19th century allowed the population to begin to grow once again. In 1855, the Bad Heustrich medical spa opened in Aeschi. It soon grew into a well known resort and tourist destination. In 1901 the Lötschberg railroad allowed an increasing number of tourists to visit the village. A rail station opened in Mülenen in 1906. In the late 1960s the municipality experienced a building boom as the population grew and as demand for vacation homes rose. By 1990 almost two-thirds of the population worked in the services industry.

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Kimberly Stone : Just love your historical facts…
Helps pull out the memories!!
Great way to start my day.
mrPmj00 : ..I love traveling too (I love Paris, Belgium, Montreal, Caribbean, coastal US cities) but it ain't free and stocks are one way to make money.
Yep, I bought a ton on the dip. It's getting cheaper relative to its current earnings (half compared to last year).
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Get on board or be runover, it's up to you.
Reel Happy Travellers : ❤️Your video make me insane.❤️
What a plenitude of magnificence.
Such a charming capture✔️✔️✔️✔️
Shirley Lynch : Beautiful. What a wonderful place to live




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