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Harley Benton - TrueTone SH-30 Pro Active - Acoustic Pickup - Presentation -

You love your old or new acoustic guitar so much but wish you could play it with your band up on stage and drilling holes is not an option? Look no further than the Harley Benton TrueTone SH-30 Pro Active Acoustic pickup! Just drop it into the sound hole, dial in the blend of between the magnetic pickup and the microphone and you're good to go!

Interesting bits and pieces:
0:25 Why you need it
1:21 TrueTone
1:38 Built in Preamp
1:50 True Tone and Preamp combined
2:09 100% Magnetic Pickups
2:25 75% Pickup 25% Mic
2:39 50% Pickup 50% Mic


Inventor : i had one wooden pickup similar to this, it worked the best for E-Bow
Pau Díaz : Wow, that's a game changer
Tom Price : It sounds great! I'll have to get a few. Don't want to drill holes in my old Martins.
Guenter Bortz : Hallo erstmal - do you think it is possible to install this permanent and to solder the controlls to the build in EQ controlls? I don't want to search the knobs through the sound hole of my 12 string, it is quite narrow there :-).
Poo Ninja : Pop in and pickup or pickup ya pop in I love the mic to add breath to the magnetic or for your nylon string acoustics

Gras Häckseln mit Mc Comick XTX 200 & Mengele SH 30

Gras häckseln mit Mc Cormick XTX 200 \u0026 Mengele SH 30

LesMills Sh'bam 30 Sizzler

Les Mills Sh'bam 30 Sizzler all songs and choreography are copyright and credited to Les Mills.
Ken Salvatore : what is the song name of the bonus track? after the (Here comes the sun)
Temaile : GOSH I miss Sh'bam. My gym hasn't offered it anymore for two years now and I still miss it.
°Havi° : What is the name of the second song?
Maria Ortiz : It's nice love it...
Daniela Tobias : Shi. Bam. E. Ótimo. Ótimo. Dani




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