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How to refill HP 932/ 933 setup, 932XL/ 933XL Ink Tank - Magictube Refill System

aldo alda : Do you sell the Kits? What type of Ink you are using? How about the Printhead reliability>? Tks
hypermanos : Do they work for hp officejet 7510 wd? TY
Refill House-填充小站-噴墨印表機-墨水-連供-改機-連續供墨-解碼-修復-填充專家 : if any refill question, please contact refillhouse@livemail.tw
Jairo Magalhaes : ola bom dia... brazil portugues
como faço pra efetuar a compra e receber no brasil...
obrigado e aguardo resposta
Refill House-填充小站-噴墨印表機-墨水-連供-改機-連續供墨-解碼-修復-填充專家 :
Harold Garcia : Do you actually refill the setup cartdriges to keep printing or was only to show how is it done with the refill system?
Dinul Khair : One question
Where I can buy all of your product?
And where I can see the price list?
munra Aguilar : PLS YOU HAVE REFIL SYSTEM FOR HP 771 ,

How to refill HP 932, 933, 950, 951 Ink Cartridges

By refilling your HP 932, 932XL, 933, 933XL, 950, 950XL, 951, 951XL cartridges using an InkOwl ink refill kit, you will save 80-90% on your ink costs. Refilling is simple, this video will show you how!
Abderrahmane Bekkouche : Well explain .. many thanks my friend
Terry Curley : Why do you need to suck out the remaining ink from the cartridge?
meso06 : Are the 93 interchangable with the 95 cartridge? If i take my 932 cartridge will it work in the printer that came with the 950?
Prasad JG : Does it also suck the ink to empty the cartridge ?
Levite Apparel : cool
Sher Singh : It works great!! Will be ordering more
Anton Suryadi : Depleted cardritge hp 7612 help?
Joseph Eddy : Might be a good idea to add a link directly to your site from the video description
ConvertibleJay : Broooo... what u said at the end if the video should’ve been at the beginning of the video!
ryans supplies : What to do when you need the setup cartridge refilled? You see, I got 2 OfficePro 8600 printers which uses 951 Ink. I'd been using only one over the years though. I recently took the other one out and finally started setting it up only to find out that one of the ink cartridges already dried up. Didn't know that I couldn't use a new one in the setup process. Is there a way to go about the setup process without the setup cartridge?

Quick and easy way to refill HP 932/933 Inkjet Cartridges.

Refilling HP 932/933 Inkjet Cartridges.
KarlaJorge : Isn’t t possible to rip through the bag with this needle? I tried doing it but was afraid of going in too deep so the ink came out as I was squeezing it and made a mess ‍♀️
john buster : get a digital camera tha uses the wider than tall format. Cell phone camera's are obnoxious to try to see a normal field of view. Also using an old discarded HP cartridge open it up to see where you can drill a 1/8" hole to refill.
There are 1/8" rubber plugs available to replug the 1/8" refill hole.
HP as of 2015 posted driver software online to allow non-HP ink cartridges to be used. However, now in 2019 that is no longer available.
So its back to using refilled HPs with the HP chips on them. Thanks HP for nothing.
You again MUST change out empty color cartridges to print in all black.
Ripoff product.
PS Epson ink works in HPs.
For $25.00 you get 1/100 gram of pigment + 1 oz of water which is scandalous.
That's $1,140,000.00 per lb. for the ink pigment .
I can get moon rocks for 1/10th of that.
Banana Team Hellas : Cool and how do you reset Ink Levels?
G. R : where did you get your supplies from?
SHOHANUR RAHMAN : Don't worry this fuck does not work at all
right0ne1 : So glad you found it helpful
Lee Thompson : Thanks Man! This was the easiest way!
Toby Slave : If you would like to throw your HP 6700 printer at the engineers head who built it press thumbs up!
Mu-Tech Solutions : ok bro. easy


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