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Roland SH-2 Analog Synthesizer Demo

This video demonstrates the sound of the vintage Roland SH-2 monophonic analog synthesizer. Enjoy!

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diliup gabadamudalige : My father got this for me in 1978 and it is still in working condition!! That is how solid products were made then! A Fantastic synth.
DharmaTechster : One of my all time fave monos. The oscillators are just suuuuuper fat, and it's an incredibly inspiring and musical synth. I prefer it to the 101, which I also have, although that one is great too, in its own ways. These are about as classic as synths get.
Elekktrikk Home Video Entertainment : Looks and sounds a little like the original Bass Station :) Thank you very much for this demonstration video.
Leopard Tuesday : Chatted with STRFKR after their set last night, and he told me that this was his favorite synth as it sounded so alive. I’ll have to get one someday.
Sound8Vision : I really like the look of the keybed on this machine.

Silent Hill 2 - Teaser Trailer | PS5 Games

Having received a letter from his deceased wife,
James heads to where they shared so many memories,
in the hope of seeing her one more time: Silent Hill.
There, by the lake, he finds a woman eerily similar to her...

"My Maria," the woman smiles. Her face, her voice... She's just like her.

Experience a master-class in psychological survival horror―lauded as the best in the series―on the latest hardware with chilling visuals and visceral sounds.

#ps5games #ps5
Lucas The Phantom Thief : Never thought I’d see the day that Konami remembered Silent Hill
Gareth : I have to keep coming back to this trailer just to make sure I'm not dreaming. 23 years ago I was running through the fog of Silent Hill, and here I am nearly 40yrs old and about to experience it again. What a time to be alive.
Alfie : Can’t wait to see a photorealistic PS5 rendering of the dog ending.
chris robertson : In my restless dreams. I see that game. Silent Hill. Konami promised they'd take me there again someday...
batstower : Silent Hill 2 broke me, it was probably the most beautiful game I've ever played, and the fact it's being remade is a blessing

Cyclone Gabrielle - SH2 destroyed north of Napier

Geoff Mackley and Matt Davison got as far north on SH 2 as it is possible to go 2 days ago. The road is destroyed in hundreds of places near Devils Elbow..
@pmanning431 : I was wondering who was that nice guy that kept cutting the trees for you. I realised it was you.
@mjk8856 : Mate you’re providing the most relevant and up to date information on that stretch of road. Keep it up mate
@UrbanKiwiana : Absolutely incredible footage wow, you stay safe out there Geff and your camera guy.. safe travels thanks for the quality
@chrisniven3401 : It’s almost unrecognisable. I live in Gisborne and drive that stretch of road quite a bit. Would hate to see what the rest of the road looks like
@asifaussie : That's so terrible destruction. I've travelled those roads a number of times. So sad for the people there.




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