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Guide to Inconel 600 - Nickel Alloy 600 Info - AMS 5665 - 5687 - 5540 - 5580 - What is Inconel?

Today we will be taking a look at one of the more popular of the Nickel alloys known as Inconel 600 when produced by Special Metals Corporation or just "alloy 600" when produced by anyone else like Carpenter Technology. The UNS chemical composition designation is N06600.
Access the full transcript here:

This alloy is a solid solution of its elements and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Cold working will result in increased strength. Heat treatment can remove any undesirable effects of cold work.

Nickel alloys are used in applications involving elevated temperatures, corrosion , or both. Chemical processing equipment relies on the corrosion performance over a wide range of environments.

Commercial applications involve furnace components and fixtures requiring strength and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 2000° F.

Aerospace applications include high temperature components of jet and rocket engines.

Intro: 00:00
What is Inconel 600: 00:32
Inconel 600 Applications: 01:27
Inconel 600 Chemistry: 02:27
Inconel 600 Mechanical Properties: 03:24
Inconel 600 Specifications: 03:55
Check the Specs: 04:40
Outro: 05:19
@MichlinMetals : Thanks for watching! We're super grateful for the support. If you are looking for any more info on Inconel 600, check out:
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Inconel Alloys - Inconel 600 - 601 - Inconel 625 - Inconel 718 - Inconel X-750 - What is Inconel?

Todays' video introduces you to the family of alloys that carry the Inconel name. For the full transcript click here:
Inconel is a trade name of Special Metals Corporation. Other metal producers of generic material cannot use the Inconel trademark. Five of the more popular of the Inconel family are Inconel Alloy 600,  601, 625, 718, and X-750.  The first three are not hardenable by heat treatment.  The others are grades that can be strengthened by " Precipitation Hardening" heat treatment.

Nickel and Chromium are the major elements of these alloys and they have strength, corrosion and oxidation resistance over a wide range of temperature and environments.

This family of alloys finds numerous uses in chemical processing equipment as well as many high temperature applications requiring resistance to oxidation such as furnace fixtures and retorts. Inconel alloys are found in aerospace applications including jet and rocket engine components.

Intro: 00:00
Applications and Information on Inconel: 00:37
Inconel 600 Chemistry and Mechanical Properties: 01:40
Inconel 601 Chemistry and Mechanical Properties: 02:21
Inconel 625 Chemistry and Mechanical Properties: 02:59
Inconel 718 Chemistry and Mechanical Properties: 04:20
Inconel X-750 Chemistry and Mechanical Properties: 05:39
Check the Specs: 06:38
Outro: 06:58
Eric Schreiber : I machine aged 718 nearly everyday
Crimsonnaire : Thank you for the informative presentation. I've heard that X750 is a rather old school material which is largely superseded by alloy 718, and something I've been curious about is whether X750 still finds use in gas turbine applications today or if it's been replaced by 718 altogether?
Phil Mybutup : How much do you think the allowable composition range of each element affects the tolerances of high precision machining? I assume a few percent fluctuation could change the way the IN 718 reacts enough to slightly change some properties and therefore introduce variability with the machining
hassan hussein : Can Inconel 718 be strengthened by using solid solution strengthening?
Manotas Manotas : Saludos cordiales desde Costa Rica, buen video
Gracias por compartir

INCONEL 718 the most difficult alloy to machine

Edge Precision : Did you know what the heat treat on that bar was? When this stuff gets up to 150 ksi yield is really gets hard to machine. 135 and below isn't nearly as bad.
Richard Crook : 718 - the alloy you hate! There's a good reason why it's known as "nomachinium"!!
kiss peter : With an another example of inco 718 machining , i can appreciate even more what Peter does over at EdgePrecision
David Young : Not sure where your piece came from, but I spent forty plus years at the place where they made stuff like that. As I recollect, the MA materials (Mechanically Alloyed) were pretty darn tough too.
B Simpson : I visited two guys in Bradford who use spark erosion machines to shape Inconel. The fit and finish they achieve is unbelievable




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