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How to Install Skype on Windows 10 (2021)

Learn How to Install Skype on Windows 10. It is easy to download and install Skype on Windows 10 laptop.

0:00 Intro
0:05 Install Skype on Windows 10
atlas gunther8 : you must click the little down arrow button partition on the rhs of the button for it to download
S L Islamic Status : Thanks bro
Мудрая Обезьяна : Спасибо
iram designer : thanx

How to Download & Install Skype

Want to use Skype, but not sure how to set it up? Watch this video tutorial to learn how to download and install Skype.

Do you learn better by reading? A text version is available at:

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Andre Aubry : after using Skype for years I cannot reinstall it !!!
Lala Malelang : make a video how to.use the skype their feature like calls. receive calls, inbox, message group chat or something. step by step of the feature. thanks.
vlog by upasna : Ohh! So easy thanks a lots yaar
Daniel : easy!!!!! Thanks
Lala Malelang : how about sign.up then.log in and.the other features use. thanks.

How To Download and Install Skype In Windows 10 ?

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How To Download and Install Skype In Windows 10 ?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Download Button .

Step 3: Click on Big Blue Button that says "Download Skype for Windows" .

Step 4: After Downloading ,Go to the place where you have downloaded the Skype setup file .

Step 5: Double Click on it and Follow the Wizard to Install it .

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Subhrakanta Behera : Thanks for the help.
Gotrek : thank you so much
Jamie Dodi : nice


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