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Zotac GTX970 AMP Extreme Edition S32D850 Monitor

Zotac GTX970 AMP Extreme Edition S32D850 Monitor

System Spec

ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Zotac GTX 970 AMP Extreme Edition (non-oc)

32" monitor series: #3 Samsung S32D850T 2560x1440 in-depth review 1440p (1080p60)

Samsung S32D850T (http://amzn.to/1FmbguP - Amazon Germany)

As the third part of this series, we are taking a closer look at the final contender: the Samsung S32D850T 32“ computer monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440. Samsung integrated many advanced features and algorithms into this monitor to improve your viewing experience if you are not interested in a fixed calibrated configuration. What surprised me most was the spot on color balance this display offers out of the box with a whitepoint of 6700K.

Unfortunately, there are a few points that did not make this my favorite display in this series. The display casing had a few sharp edges, the lack of integrated speakers and a slightly higher input lag were one of the reasons.

Document package for the Samsung S32D850T: https://goo.gl/jO4eUy

Be sure to watch the other three videos of this series, especially the final showdown and comparison video.

#1/4 Acer B326HUL:

#2/4 BenQ BL3200PT:

#4/4 32“ Showdown:

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1) How it Began by Silent Partner
2) Weavers (instrumental) - The Cypherfunks by Simon Segfault and Florian Uhlemann
Wolf pack Wegeki : Does the stand come off?
Arman Motamedi : When I connect HDMI cable to the monitor from my laptop I loose sound ? why ? do I need a separate connection for sound ?
사각형 : what ms? ( Response speed)
Ajax : Should I get this for gaming?
Von Trap : AT LAST!!!!! A decent review!! Most people just do reviews to get hits and you are left with a useless video. This guy actually shows you the ins and outs. Thanks very much.
EmazingErik : How do I mount this?
Harish Hanchinal : Nice...
jongie jongie : Is it also possible to rotate the monitor fully to left to get into the portrait mode ? Because you only have shown to rotate it to right
Zoran Tomic : The best way of reviewing. Bravo.
codingjuice : too bad it doesn't do 4k

PRAD: Hands on Samsung S32D850T LED

Test: http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/test/2015/test-samsung-s32d850t-led.html

Eindrücke die wir während unseres Tests zum 32 Zoll Allround-Monitor Samsung S32D850T LED gesammelt haben.

"Musik von http://www.ende.tv" »Womanize« »Tivinize«
EmazingErik : How do I mount this?
DeckerFI : Useless. Remove music, and actually talk about the damn thing!
Andrea Abrams : can the stand be removed from this?
Bu Jin : Useless video.
Greg Raul : I bought this monitor S32D850T and I see on the websites noticeable
ghosting the most black and grey colors the ghosting its about 1-2mm By
ghosting I mean when scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel (even 1
click of the wheel) there is a massive visible trail I have old 27"
monitor but there is nothing at all

So my question: is it normal or not ?

I bought 3 days ago So Im not sure RMA or no ?
Thank you
Snitsel : Danke
DontFuckWitDreDay : IPS glow sucks ass
Dylan Carias : Can some one confirm the panel of this monitor, cause some people say its va, others like amazon say it's pls, or mva, etc. please some one answer before I buy thanks for the help.
Jeff Bailey : 4:06 I'll never get back
Douka : NO flickering on thins monitor?????




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