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One Take #96 오래된 녀석입니다. 10년 이상... 삼성 B2330HF.

#LCD모니터수리 #CAPACITOR #혼잣말이늘어남

이었던 것????

Amazon Drivers are Hanging Phones in Trees

LG gram 17 : https://bit.ly/3hdR7Pm
LG gram 17 on Amazon : https://geni.us/w86bJ
Clip From Lew Later (PUBG Mobile Banned in India) -

Khy Guy : Look who’s getting a brand new phone today
LawnJohnSilver : Lol I seen a news clip about this a while back , people hovering over there phone like vultures, it’s really sad that there isn’t enough to go around to everyone
Y2Kvids : Gig economy making billionaire.
Jay Jay : Kid: Mom, I need a new phone
Mom: Phones don’t grow on tree.
Kid: Hold my icy
OGtalks : How the phones not get stolen ? I got a guy who will buy any phone off me , locked , cracked , old , new , iPhone , Android . Where are these distribution centres , ima go phone picking !!
IDGAF_STREAMS : I’ll take them phones
Dago Fernández : Time to take a walk around the Amazon distribution center to collect some phones for parts
Franklyn Grullon : Lmao! Phone picking!
Taylor Fenoglio : Uber drivers have been doing this for years in airport ques.
Jeron Paul : new strange fruit

OnePlus 7 Pro in 2020 - Wow.

The Flagship smartphone that started good, but just keeps getting better in 2020.
Limited Time Offer: Go to https://Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 85% off and 3 months free!

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Mrwhosetheboss : What do you think to the new outro?
M Maruf : I have a one plus 6t. I didn't use my phone for 5 month. I started my phone thinking that it wouldn't start without charging. And it blew my mind when it started and showed me 58% charge. I was already in love but man this is out of this world.
respektek : Rocking my 7T and it's the first phone I've ever had that hasn't given me new phone envy. Super fast display, 855+, cameras aren't out of this world but definitely not bad (and actually very good with Gcam).
Andrew Christiansen : I really prefer the pop-up camera over any hole on the screen. It’s not like I take selfies all the time anyway.
Ammar ETHIOPIAN : Realme x2 pro
Az Zahin : will i get a new one under 400 us dollars?
DK videos : Dont buy no water resistance only in 6 months. Screen Automatic damage.
And in service center say water damage.
Now i search in net maximum people have same issue and one plus does not cover it with Waranty even 1 year is not complete.
If you have one time you can face same problm. So take extra care.
Screen cost is 16000 now your phone cost 43k plus 16k total 59000 so decide wisely what to buy in which amount.
Thank you.
Design fault by one plus not so good phone.
Better to buy another phone.
NotBlueRBLX : "The best that 2020 has to offer"
-Arun, Mrwhosetheboss

Dark Knife Eats : Bought this for my wife and she doesn’t get WhatsApp notifications, this is apparently quite a common flaw.
Annoyed with the tech YouTubers who didn’t point this out
Rakib Fiha : My OP6 is still working great. Not feeling any urge to upgrade.




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