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Western Michigan University // A walk around campus

Today we walked around half of WMU's main campus! Western Michigan University is a Vital piece to Kalamazoo and It brought back so many memories from when I use to attend school there XX years ago.

I hope you enjoy the video, drop a comment below if you have any questions or contact me via:

Email: jasmin@teamharringtonkzoo.com
Instagram : _jasmin_willis_
Facebook: Jasmin Willis

Five Star Real Estate
The Harrington Team

5787 Stadium Drive suite c
Kalamazoo mi 49009
hi : class of 2022 here looking at colleges and WMU is definitely at the top of my list, haven’t seen too many on campus tour videos like this for them so thank u so much for this !
Frankline Khainja : Too bad i did get to see around campus habitat...but it is an awesome video. Brings back memories

Western Michigan University Fall Campus Tour

Take an aerial tour of Western Michigan University. You'll see Waldo Library, our residence halls, many academic buildings, Waldo Stadium, and of course the beautiful landscape that is WMU.
RyanCoolVids : Such a beautiful campus. I'm going to miss WMU!
PrimeCardz : So beautiful, hoping to get in!
Zakaii Zaki : Took a semester there as an international student and most people were super nice , helpful and willing to conversate!
Angela Sherman :  @Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia  My son is going there in a week for aviation. He's really excited. It is a beautiful campus.
Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia : Salym Dhahry still coming to WMU? How are things in Tunisia? I always wanted to visit

Western Michigan University announces $550 million donation over next decade

Western Michigan University on Tuesday announced it is has been gifted a massive $550 million donation, saying the money will support its mission as an "opportunity university." (June 8, 2021)
Ravi Singh : Huge pleasurable moment for me as a wmu student.




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