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Hello Mobile (SIM Card kit and Review)

Hello Mobile Shuts down service for Service Upgrade

Many are waking up and finding they have no service with Hello Mobile. I found out when trying to make a phone call. Called the company and waited on hold for 2.5 hrs to never receive an answer to my call. Used the chat feature on the internet to find they upgrade to Tmobile 5G service and disabled the current sim cards, without giving a notice to its customer base. I have been impressed with their service but this is a major disappointment!!

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Hello Mobile Blows Up | New Sim Cards | Bad Service?

Hello Mobile Blows Up | New Sim Cards | Bad Service?
In This Video i talk about how Hello Mobile Sent out new sim cards to customers, changing the service, speeds, and the whole SHABANG!! is it still worth it? will they get these problems fixed? lets talk about it.
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