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Statics: Crash Course Physics #13

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The Physics we're talking about today has saved your life! Whenever you walk across a bridge or lean on a building, Statics are at work. Statics is the study of objects when they're NOT accelerating. In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini talks to us about stretching, compressing, and springing as they relate to Statics! Also... Game of Thrones.


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Statics: Lesson 1 - Intro and Newton’s Laws, Scalers, and Vectors

Top 15 Items Every Engineering Student Should Have!

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Static Equilibrium - Tension, Torque, Lever, Beam, & Ladder Problem - Physics

This physics video tutorial explains the concept of static equilibrium - translational \u0026 rotational equilibrium where everything is at rest and there's no motion. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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Here is a list of topics:
1. Static Equilibrium Problems
2. Balancing a Seesaw - Lever Problem - Using Forces and Torques
3. Torque equals force times lever arm / moment arm
4. Positive and Negative Torques - Clockwise vs Counterclockwise rotation
5. Hanging Sign Tension Problem - Finding the tension in the two cables at two different angles
6. Hanging sign attached to a beam problem - how to calculate the horizontal and vertical components of the force exerted by the hinge and pivot point
7. Hanging sign attached to a beam at an angle - determining the tension force in the cable
8. Ladder Problem - How to find the force exerted by the wall on the ladder and the horizontal and vertical components of the force exerted by the ground / floor on the ladder.
9. Ladder problem with man on top. How to determine the coefficient of static friction that prevents the ladder from sliding down - Normal force and static frictional force calculations.




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