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Raymond Weil Tradition Automatic - Poor man's Patek Phillipe

To get another, quartz variant of this timepiece on Amazon, click on the link here:
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Today we take a look at a quintessential entry level Swiss mechanical. Coming from one of the last independent brands left in Switzerland, it is still owned and run by the founding family, something rarely seen in this industry!
Both design and size of their Raymond Weil Tradition Automatic are just that - traditional and classic, and sometimes that is all you need!
The only thing making this stand out is the sparkly sand like dial that elevates the watch on another level!
I hope you enjoy

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Alex Sanchez : Thumbs Up if Ksolo Brought u here
Edward Daniell : >"They're not trying to be something they're not"
>names the video the poor mans patek phillipe
Alican Sunalı : RW is a good but understated brand. I had maestro i still miss it. And btw the movement is an elaboré grade eta 2824.
Back in Time Watches : Did you keep this watch in your collection or did you sell it?
Anup L k : I love this model I don't think we have it now
MR Coffeebreak : Love Oris and RW, honest working mans quality watches
Carlo Magno : I don’t understand why you need to compare this brand with a high quality one, not all the watches need to bee super expensive, this is a beautiful and a good compose watch and there’s no need to be compare. I don’t see a poor man wasting 500$ for a watch
Richard Lu : Thats a perfect size for a classic styled dress watch
Boogur T. Wang : Nice, Classy watch.
Stephen Wolf : ...or the rich man’s Orient Bambino.

Stonking Beauty Of A Dial! Raymond Weil Maestro Automatic Dress Watch 2237 Review - Perth WAtch #251

Review of this classic quality dress piece from Raymond Weil, featuring Swiss made Sellita SW200 movement \u0026 one beautiful dial!
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#raymondweil #automatic #dresswatch

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RAYMOND WEIL Maestro 2237-PC-00659 (feat. RW 4200 / Sellita SW200): https://avstev.com.au/products/raymond-weil-maestro-2237-pc-00659
- Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JXRKPR
- Jomashop: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8476504/type/dlg/https://www.jomashop.com/raymond-weil-watch-2237-pc-00659.html


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Sunrise Drive - South London HiFi
Prelude in C (BWV 846) \u0026 "Shiny Tech" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
aleksandrs stulpe : For that accuracy this watch must be rebranded as raymond komandirskij.
Keith Jones : Pronounced....Raymond VAY
FC C : Sea-Gull 819.368... but, admittedly, RW a slight above seagull on the overall aesthetic
SunsetSheen : Stunning dial. In a 36-38 it would’ve been perfect. Great review as always on a pretty under appreciated brand.
Founder Timeless 168 Capital Fund : Very elegant stylish looking dial, and one of my favourite movements...but I would have a long list of watches for the price that I would buy before this, I could get two vey nice Oris models for the price of this for example to add to the collection or 4 very nice Micro Brands...Sorry Raymond Weil but overpriced.
geoffrey ward : just don't see $2000 au ???????????
Claire CAVA : Nice !!! Wish I have one of these
Giang Vu : Nice review
David Holland : This watch immediately drops onto my list of watches I don't think Ivan would ever buy for himself. And why would you - it simply isn't that special and would not I suspect make you feel special when wearing it. The dial is indeed beautiful but sadly it doesn't look as though it belongs with what looks to be a very pale gold plated case and a quick click on your helpful link to Jomashop shows that this dial/hands combination looks far more comfortable with a silver coloured case. The rose gold version looks rather more convincing and I note that it is lower priced for some strange reason. In fact prices are all over the show for differing finishes - Why? And there's no getting around the fact that as others have said, this watch is over priced and facets including the rotor, under finished. I'm still finding the "Swiss Made" is inherently worth more money thing puzzling...
Ray Quintanilla : Very nice watch, but overpriced, but what watch isn’t overpriced anymore? At least proven quality is there in this one.

The signature RW1212 freelancer | Green edition

Discover RAYMOND WEIL's latest addition to the freelancer Calibre RW1212 collection, in a striking green.

More information about the timepiece here: https://bit.ly/3avfJjK




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