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What's the difference between accuracy and precision? - Matt Anticole

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When we measure things, most people are only worried about how accurate, or how close to the actual value, they are. Looking at the process of measurement more carefully, you will see that there is another important consideration: precision. Matt Anticole explains what exactly precision is and how can help us to measure things better.

Lesson by Matt Anticole, animation by Anton Bogaty.
Hiway : It is my opinion this video offers a precise definition of accuracy and an accurate representation of precision.
Interior Truth : For short,
Accuracy: How close you can get to the correct result
Precision: How consistent you can get that result
Reza F : If you guys still wonder what's the difference:
- Accuracy: The closeness of measurements relative to a specific value
- Precise: The closeness of measurements relative to each other
911gp : Since English is not my native language, I thought those 2 words were synonymes
Anti Social Libra : Thanks for explaining better than my math teacher Ted-Ed

Accuracy and Precision | It's Easy!

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Thanks for stopping by. Today we are going to talk about the difference between accuracy and precision.

Accuracy and precision help inform our knowledge when taking measurements.

Accuracy refers to how close something is to the target or actual. Using a target to illustrate, consistently hitting near the center would be accurate. Using another example, if we were to use a scale to weigh a 20kg dumbell 3 times, and the scale read 18.95 kg, 21.22 kgs, and 19.81 kgs for each respective weighing, we would say that scale is accurate.

Let’s jump to precision and then we’ll bring it back together.

Precision refers to how consistent our results are, regardless of how close to the true value they are. Using our target example, if we hit this area of the target on every shot, then we are precise. Using the scale and 20 kg dumbell example, getting measurements of 23.11, 23.09, and 23.12 for the three trials would tell us our scale is precise, just not accurate. It’s consistently inconsistent.

So, a quick review and comparison. Accuracy is measuring near the true value. While precision is getting consistent measurements or results.

Let’s use the target for some more examples.
This would be accurate and precise. All the points are close together and average around the true value.
This would be accurate but not precise, the results are around the true value but not too consistent with each other.
This would be precise but not accurate. All results are close together but not consistent with the true value.
And finally, this is neither precise nor accurate, this is pretty much how it looks when I’m shooting, no consistency, not equidistant from the center, just random.

It’s important that measuring devices are both accurate and precise, whether it be in research, construction, engineering, or even in your home. If they are not, then results from measurements will be misleading leading at best and fatal at worst.

I hope you understand accuracy and precision a little better know. Comment below if you have any questions. And subscribe for more educational content.

I’ll catch you next time.
Sukrutha S : Finally cleared my doubt. Loved this explanation ❤❤
billcharlene1450 : Safe to say this is an accurate vid
Marky Cholo : This video offers a precise definition of accuracy and an accurate representation of precision.
Ahmad Jarrad : Very well put together, informative, and quick video. Much Appreciated!! Subscribed!!
Bear Ouch : Thanks I’m in my chemistry class right now and we were told to scan a qr code and this was the video

The Cure - Accuracy

from Three Imaginary Boys (1979)\r
label, Fiction
Happy Radio : Early Cure is wondrous....
slvrizgold : Love that guitar tone.
zaikodelico640 : me gusta mucho esta cancion :D
Alanis Ciccarelli : que buen tema !!
Mikuláš Novák : Love it




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